Due to its increase in popularity, there is even the UK Self-Storage Association (SSA UK) that helps represent the United Kingdom’s self-storage industry and liaise with government departments in respect of any relevant issues.

The dramatic increase in popularity could be linked to a number of factors.

Changing Lifestyles

One of the main reasons for people to make use of self-storage is when a change in direction occurs in someone’s life.


One example is divorce, which is a lot more common in today’s society. More frequent breakups from married couples living together mean that people often need to find a new or temporary accommodation rather quickly, sometimes without all the space they previously enjoyed. Self-storage allows these people a secure, worry-free place to leave their possessions whilst going through such a tough period in their lives.


Bereavement can also lead to people downsizing or needing to store items of sentimental value. With self-storage accessible to the bereaved, these possessions and cherished items are able to be kept as long as necessary even if the house does not have space for them.

A Tidy Home

A current and modern lifestyle trend is to keep the home decluttered. This makes people’s busy lives a little less stressful, making the home more relaxing and easier to keep clean. One example could be seasonal items and clothing, that may not be used all year round.

Smaller Housing

The average living space in the UK is smaller than in most countries. According to the SSA, the UK is one of the “most squeezed in Europe”. As a result, people tend to acquire more items than they can fit into their homes. Self-storage has become the ideal solution to this problem.

Improved Security Measures

Over the years, as self-storage has become more popular, the facilities have grown to be more and more secure. A good reputable storage company will provide units that are dry, airtight and incredibly safe. For maximum security, they will also have controlled access, CCTV and a presence on-site 24/7. With this extra peace of mind, people are even more likely to use self-storage.

Easier to Reach

As more people decide to benefit from self-storage, the demand for it increases. This has led to more widespread facilities in convenient locations. With over 1,500 self-storage locations in the UK, everyone will soon be within a reasonable distance of a facility. As they become nearer and more convenient, their use and popularity will only increase.

Cheaper for Businesses

Self-storage units are no longer only for households to store extra belongings. As more people strive to work for themselves and become their own bosses, there are now a lot of start-up businesses that use self-storage. This is one of the main reasons why storage space in the UK is so popular.

Instead of renting a large office at an expensive rate, many businesses will opt for a smaller office and a storage unit for all of their clutter or stock. Storage units prove useful when startups or small businesses need to store stock but a warehouse is too expensive or too large for their needs. Startups are not at the point in their lives where it’s necessary to have a large warehouse, so a storage container is a more cost-effective option.

It’s also a scalable structure too. If the business expands, they can rent more storage and if they need to cut down, they just hand back some of the keys. Self-storage can be super flexible for businesses and grants them more freedom than other storage solutions.


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