Why use Sheffield Self Storage?

Personal Storage

Sometimes there are things you need to keep but don’t necessarily have the room to store at the moment. This is where self storage comes in handy. Perhaps you’re in the process of moving out and need to store furniture temporarily or you’ve got some personal items that you don’t need regular access to. Whenever there’s a need for extra space, self storage is a great solution.

Business Storage

Our storage facility can also be useful for local businesses in the Sheffield and Rotherham area. If you’re expanding your business or you need a little extra space for stock, promotional materials or equipment, our containers are ideal. Maybe you’re renovating your office and temporarily need the extra space to keep your office furniture safe and dry.

Container storage in Sheffield

Our self storage containers in Sheffield are intended to give you the extra space you need for as long as you like. You’ll get the same level of freedom and privacy you’d expect if you were storing your items in your home, garage or business.

Unlike normal storage solutions however, SCA’s self storage facility in Sheffield gives you the only key to the unit. With sole access, your possessions are securely stored whilst completely respecting your privacy. In addition, this key will allow you 24/7 access to your items, any day of the year. If you’ve got sports equipment you want to access on Christmas Day, then there’s no one stopping you!

It’s this level of freedom, privacy and security that led to so many happy customers over the 25 years that we’ve been offering self storage solutions.

Secure and Safe Storage

We’ve provided safe and secure storage facilities in Ripon for many years and we know how important security is to our customers. In fact, security is our top priority and we take it very seriously. This is why our Sheffield site is just like our other storage sites.

Have peace of mind with the knowledge that the entire site is protected by a 10-foot security fence with access controlled gated entry. Outside of office hours, the entrance is locked and only your key will grant you access. The storage site is externally lit at night and is fully covered by a modern CCTV and ANPR system. During office hours there is also a security guard on site.

The storage units themselves are repurposed shipping containers made from strong Corten steel, which keep your possessions secure and safe from the elements too. This means you don’t need to worry about rain, wind and damp. With a high-security sliding bolt padlock, the container is also safe from the threat of thieves or vandalism.

What size storage do I need?

At SCA Self Storage in Sheffield, we offer 2 different container sizes. Our smaller containers are 80 ft2 and the larger ones are 160 ft2. Which one you choose will depend on your unique requirements.

Our small storage containers are ideal for small amounts of furniture, tools, business stock, motorbikes, lawnmowers and other small machinery.

Our large storage containers allow space for a car or machinery, office equipment, large valuables or large furniture.

If you’re unsure which size is best, you are more than welcome to visit us at our Sheffield site and view the two types of containers for yourself.

Our Rates

Our self storage costs start at £25.38 per week, which is about £110 per month. We prefer to take payment monthly, however we offer a weekly rate to make sure you only pay for the weeks you use. This means that if you decide to leave half-way through the month, you won’t be charged for the whole month.

We’re also extremely flexible when it comes to contracts. We won’t tie you into a lengthy contract and you’re free to cancel at any time. With just a 7 day notice period, you can pretty much hand the keys in whenever you’re ready!

Sizes & Prices