Access to your belongings

The benefit of storing something within your home is that its right there for when you need it. If you need regular access, and you don’t particularly fancy a drive out every time then external self-storage may not be the best solution.

However, on the other hand, if you’re able to access the self-storage site easily and it’s within a decent range, storing things that you don’t need on a daily basis may be an ideal solution to save space within the home. A great benefit to self-storage is that you can access the storage unit whenever you want and only you hold the key, just like at home.

Usage of Space

Storing possessions at home reduces the amount of space you have to live in. Nowadays, more and more people are opting to live in homes with less space, perhaps for the benefits of city life or to save money for a bigger place. With an already shrinking amount of living space, adding infrequently used items to this, only makes things tighter and less manageable.

It might be time to think about the amount of room taken up in your living space, and how much you’re paying for it, in terms of finance and well-being. It may also be worth calculating how much money you are paying per square metre at home for the space in which you store items, compared to the price of a self-storage unit per square metre.

Due to the low cost of self-storage, it may be a more cost-effective solution for your storage requirements, at the same time freeing up room to live and improving your quality of life.

Protecting Your Possessions

If you need to store large items outside on the drive or within the garage or shed, your items are in comfortably close proximity. However, they may not necessarily be 100% safe from the weather. Anything left outside of the main house can become a victim to the elements, becoming damp and irreparable, especially for items such as soft furnishings. In situations where you need to externally store sensitive items for the long-term, self-storage may be the best option.


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