Self-storage benefits

Everyone has the freedom to access any possessions stored within their house and our storage units in Ripon are no different. They act as an extension to the spaces we already own, the only difference is they’re not on show or taking up space in your living room!

Unlike normal storage solutions, SCA self-storage means you receive the only keys to the leased storage unit. By granting you sole access, this increases security and completely respects your privacy, just like you’d expect at home.

Some storage companies will also give you a unique key, but you’ll be limited to when you can access it, usually around their schedule. With SCA, you’re able to access the storage units whenever you wish. Our Ripon site is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our Ripon storage site is designed to be simple and easy. We pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible for our customers. This means our lease terms have no minimum contract period and no notice period, so you can keep the keys for as long as you want and hand them back when you’re ready.

Most storage companies only provide monthly rates, however, for increased flexibility, we offer a weekly rate as well, meaning you only pay for what you use.

Secure Storage

Although you’re able to stop by at any time, this doesn’t mean we aren’t secure. We take security very seriously on all of our storage sites. Our Ripon storage is based within the Sycamore Business Park, a long-standing office area for small and large businesses alike. We not only take care of storage security, but we’ve had plenty of experience in keeping the office premises safe too.

What does that involve? The business park and storage facilities are both surrounded by a 10-foot security fence, with a 10-foot gated access at the entrance. The compound is externally lit and fully covered by a CCTV camera system. With 24/7 access, there is always someone on-site to help deal with any problems.

Our Storage Containers

When you’re running low on space in the home, it might be tempting to just store the clutter in the shed, garage or outside under cover. Unfortunately, these damp, dark and open spaces put your items at risk of unnecessary damage. Putting these items into our self-storage containers ensures they remain dry and out of harm’s way.

This is because our self-storage in Ripon is made from shipping containers, designed to resist the elements. The metal is corrosion-resistant and weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about your valuables.

What can I store?

Almost anything you can fit in! We provide 2 different container sizes, 80 ft2 and 160 ft2. So whether you are moving home and need some temporary storage for household possessions or you’ve got some seasonal sports gear that you want out of the garage, our self-storage options are simple and effective.

Our rates

It’s always important to compare prices when looking at storage options. However, at SCA, we pride ourselves on being the cheapest storage available in the Ripon area – in fact, we guarantee it! Our affordable rates mean you can rent storage from less than £4 per day. And, with Ripon only 10 miles from Thirsk and 15 miles from Harrogate, SCA may work out a cheaper option for residents or business customers there too.

If you’re interested in finding out more, drop us a message and we will be happy to help! Alternatively, you can always pay us a visit to see our facilities for yourself.

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