Plenty of Storage Space

Whether it’s an 80 sq. ft or 160 sq. ft container, having an external storage container vastly increases the possibilities for your storage. With the extra space, you effectively have another large room in which you can store items that are perhaps taking up unnecessary space at home or in the office.

If you’re having a spring clean and want to keep certain items out of the way, storage containers provide plenty of room to help free up your living space. If you have vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles or even boats and sports gear that you keep for those special occasions, then having plenty of extra space to store these will make for more space in the garage, garden, or driveway. You’ll then be able to make better use of the newly cleared space, making your home (or business premises) feel less cluttered.

It can also temporarily hold items when there’s nowhere else for them to go. For example, container storage is a great option for students during the summer, when they move house and would normally have to move all their belongings across the country and back again.

Robust Material

Steel shipping containers are normally intended for shipping goods across the ocean, where they may be exposed to the harsh elements and are therefore intentionally built to withstand rain and wind. This is ideal for items such as fabrics, furnishings, carpets and other goods that may be sensitive to the weather, as they can be kept safe and dry.

As the container is made from corrosion-resistant metals, another benefit is that containers are easily reusable and can store objects for a very long time.

Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Storage companies will normally provide you with the only key to the container to add your keyring, which you are responsible for. Despite this, some companies still require notice if you plan to access your storage unit during certain hours of the day, so be sure to double-check.

Some secure storage facilities, such as SCA Self Storage, do allow customers access to their units any time of the day or night. Although your items are not stored at home (or on your business premises) you can still have access whenever you need it, with no prior arrangements required.


We provide high security sliding bolt padlocks with all of our storage units to allow you to keep your contents safe and secure. A good, secure storage facility will also have other security measures in place, such as perimeter fencing and gated access.

Storing valuable items in a storage facility container is a safer option than storing at home. Within a residential neighbourhood, anything that requires storing externally would either be stored on a driveway or in a garage. Both of which are easier targets for criminals than a secure storage facility.

Great value

Storage containers are great value for money. SCA’s storage solutions guarantee the cheapest rates in our local area we operate, this currently includes Ripon, Harrogate and Sheffield – take a look at our rates here.


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